167 Living

167logo.color_-300x294 Our 167 Vision: Worship, Discipleship, Mission

We seek to be a 167 church, putting our faith into practice every hour of every day. Being a follower of Christ is not simply about worshipping an hour on Sunday, but living every moment for the glory of God.

167 Living Logo: Our 167 Living logo was created to visually represent our 167 vision. The three colored arcs represent the three parts of the vision: Worship, Discipleship and Mission. In general, the logo implies movement symbolic of our movement from the hour we worship on Sunday at church, into the life we live the remainder of the week – at home, at work, in our community.

As we were formulating this logo, we came up with a tagline.  Though it did not become part of the logo, it may show up in some other way: Beyond this hour, Beyond these walls.

What have we done to promote 167 Living?

Worship: We started out with a sermon series focusing on 167 Living:

167 Living”

September 12 167 Living-It’s not about an hour- It’s about a life

How do I live my life every moment for the glory of God?

September 19 167 Living-It’s not about me- It’s about Him.

How do I live a life for God’s glory?

September 26 167 Living-It’s Not About Money- It’s about What Matters

How do I live this with my money?

October 3 167 Living-It’s Not About Religion-  It’s about Relationship

How do I live this with my family?

October 10 167 Living-It’s Not About Maintaining-It’s About Mission

How do I live this with my friends?

October 17 167 Living-It’s Not About A Book-It’s About the Living Word

How does the Bible apply to my life?

October 24 167 Living-It’s Not  About A Moment: It’s About Forever

How do I live this day with eternity in mind?

Discipleship: We offered Bible 101 (basic Bible helps) and Bible 365 (reading the Bible in one year) classes; a Crown Financial Seminar, in addition to our on-going ChristCare groups.

Mission: We offer several mission opportunities through our three mission teams: Jerusalem, Samaria, Judea, and the World.

How has our vision of 167 Living transformed your life? Please share your story at hrchurch@hrcrca.org today!