The Pulse April 21, 2009
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“An Invitation and a Story”

The Invitation
How has the issue of homosexuality affected you, personally? Most of us can talk about a family member, a friend, a situation, that has affected how we think about this issue. Some of us have had our beliefs challenged by these stories. This will be the emphasis of our discussions this Wednesday night, April 22, when we begin the Homosexuality Dialogues. Some of you have told me that you will be there. Thanks.

The Story
June Nuzzo, a woman in our church, had a hot tub sitting in her garage. The professionals were coming on Monday to ‘finish’ the installation. Somehow, she had to get the hot tub from the garage, into the yard, over the fence, onto the deck, and into the prepared ‘hole’ for it– a task beyond one woman’s ability. So, she came to high school sunday school on Sunday to recruit some help. Fat chance, right! Not only was it last minute, but she was trying to recruit from a group of busy, self-consumed teenagers. Right? Wrong.

A couple of guys said yes, got on their cells phones and called other boys. When they got to the house and saw the size of the task (and the weight of the hot tub), they called other boys, dads, whoever they could get. A few hours later the fence had been removed, replaced, and the hot tub was sitting in its hole on the deck, ready to go. It took quite a bit of strategizing, lifting, and laughing to get the job done. Various estimates have placed somewhere between 6 and 15 teenagers, young men and dads who showed up, last minute to accomplish this task. But they did it.

What is wrong with these young men and dads? Why didn’t they dismiss her, tell her they were busy, and go their own way? Why didn’t they do what normal young men would do – spend the day texting, napping, eating and complaining there was nothing to do. Why? What is wrong with these young men?

I am not sure why, but maybe you all have had something to do with it. I am not sure of all who came, but if you want to hear some of the stories, I think you can ask Patrick Boyd, Josh Nieves, Michael Pearlman, Ben and or Sam Pearson, Brock Rice, Ron Rice, Billy McHugh…They have much better stories to tell than the kids who stayed home that day.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve. 

In Christ,