The Pulse April 28, 2009
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“Another Survey???!!!”

Yes, but this one is brief and fun. Please answer these questions and email me your responses.

1. When you were a teenager, what were 2-3 things that you liked about your church?

2. When you were a teenager, what were 2-3 things you did not like about your church?

3. In what decade were you a teenager?

Now that wasn’t so bad, was it? I am asking my Confirmation class the same questions. It will be interesting to compare.

Next topic, and totally unrelated…

We had over 50 people attend the first week of the Homosexuality Dialogues. About half of these were HRC folks, others fromĀ  local Reformed churches. The time moved quickly as we began to discuss this issue.

If you missed last week you may come this week, April 29. Prepare yourself by thinking of scriptures that you think need to be considered in this discussion. Also, think of what you have learned from other sources, such as science, social sciences, traditions, and experience. This week we are discussing what we have learned from these various sources regarding this issue.

Come at 6:30pm if you want a light supper, 7:00 for the program.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve.