In Touch May 1, 2009
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“Tempest Fugit”

So teach us to count our days that we may gain a wise heart. (Psalm 90:12)

I remember the scene like it was yesterday. I was standing next to my daughter in Dimnent Chapel at Hope College. Here was the chapel that I had preached in. Here was the chapel that I, sometimes, worshiped in as a student. Here were professors that I had, walking by in academic hoods and gowns getting ready to teach my daughter. This was now her place, not mine. This was now her story, not mine. As she looked at me and saw my tears she said, “oh no, not you too!” Cathy had left, tearfully, a day earlier. I was on my sabbatical at the time and would be traveling to some churches in the Midwest. All the emotion of that moment snuck up on me.

That was but a minute ago it seems. As I talked to Hilary this week, making plans for her graduation, I thought how quickly the time had flown for me. Four years seems but a fleeting mist in a moment for me, but I know those four years for Hilary are a life time that shapes so much of what follows. Like summer as a child, when the days seemed forever.

People tell me it just speeds up and I can hardly imagine. Though I was about the same age as my father when I dropped Hilary off at college, I knew that he was much older than I was. And though I was the same age as Hilary when I went to college, I knew I was much older than she was. Time does strange things to us, doesn’t it? The Psalmist calls us to count our days that we may gain a wise heart. I think he is saying, like Warren Zevon, “enjoy every sandwich.” Grace takes nothing for granted and invites us to appreciate every moment of life in this wonderful and mystical creation.

I will have the privilege of sharing a moment that was not part of my . I will get to hand Hilary her diploma. I am a little nervous for the moment she walks on stage. As I see her stepping into her future a tear may come to my face. She may look at me and say: “oh no not again!” Whatever the case, I will remember that moment as a day that counts forever. May we all have a heart to see in every day there are moments that touch us eternally. Have a great sandwich!

Yours forever,