The Pulse May 12, 2009
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“Finally, Second Fiddle”

I give Lourdes a lot of credit.

She has such a heart for worship. She has been leading kids (and adults) in our church into worship for years. After experienceing transformational worship on some youth mission trips, she started taking people to worship concerts and worship seminars. Lourdes started Jam for the Lamb years ago, with Wes. This jam night led to the youth (or intergenerational) worship band uTurn. She did a  great job of growing this band, and growing worship in the hearts of people at HRC- including me.

However, with all of this, she knew what was missing.  She knew, or felt,  that she was not the leader that uTurn needed. She always wished and prayed for someone who could not only lead uTurn better musically, but who could also lead them to become better worship leaders. She saw this gift in others. She wanted someone here with this gift who could help uTurn. At times she even prayed that God would grow this gift in her, so others would worship more deeply. Now, don’t get me wrong. uTurn has led us into worship. They have done well in this. It is just that Lourdes knew there was more. She knew there were things she could not do as a worship leader.

Enter Terry Dunham. When Lourdes was asked to have uTurn practice with Terry for Gatherings on May 10, she was concerned– not enough practice time, we don’t know his songs, how can we make this work, etc. But, maybe you saw the completed picture at Gatherings on May 10. I asked her if it was the dream come true, and she said yes. The band was more relaxed and better able to lead worship than ever before. Terry was able to put them at ease as a band. He also did whatever else a worship leader does, and the result was the best ever worship leading time for uTurn at HRC.

We often use the phrase, “it is not about you”.  It came to fruition this Sunday. For Lourdes it was not about her. It was an opportunity to have someone help uTurn be a better worship band, and she moved over. Good job Lourdes, good job uTurn, good job Terry!

Thanks for the opportunity to serve!

In Christ,