In Touch May 15, 2009
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“Going in the Flames”


I was standing outside a condo on fire.  A man who was not my fire company’s chief, but I assumed had taken command said: “We have a possible victim on the second floor.  We need you to go in and do a search and rescue.”  I gulped!  I enjoyed riding the fire trucks with lights blazing headed to false alarms around central Jersey.  The parades were fun and the firehouse fellowship was great, but I was not ready for this.  Here was a crisis that could cost me my life, and possibly the life of another.  I was a play fireman and this was the real deal.    Was I ready to pull a young boy out of trouble?  Generations were riding on how I handled this crisis.  Fortunately for the generations, mine and this young boy’s, he had gotten out of the fire and was found before I had to go in with my partner.  It made me appreciate training long before a crisis, and it drove me to take more seriously all the opportunities I had to be better equipped to handle whatever would come at me as a volunteer fireman.

On Saturday at 7 PM we will show a movie and offer an opportunity to everyone to be better equipped to handle relationships.  Fireproof will be shown at HRC.  This is a movie we are showing because recommendations started to come in from everywhere as people saw it and had relationships changed through it.  Matt Williams presented it to the board of elders on the same night that I was going to share with the board our plans to show this movie.  Those types of convergences I try to pay attention to.

I have recognized the need to have some help for marriages before they get into crisis mode.  Before relationships are going up in flames.  Recently I have talked to many in our own congregation who have seen relationships imploding.  I have wished for a way to help, to train, to equip long before one of them is thinking about going to a lawyer.   I am thankful that we have an event like Fireproof and the “Dare to Love” program that will follow.  It will be some good training that help avoid the fire and fireproof your relationships.

I hope you will come this Saturday night.  Generations are riding on how we handle our relationships.  Let us do the work to be ready for whatever comes our way.

Yours in love,