The Pulse May 19, 2009
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“Never Leave Your Partner Alone”

I want to be a better husband. That is the net effect. That is the inspiration I received. Today, I want to be a better husband.

On Saturday evening May 16, about 50 HRC folks watched the movie FIREPROOF together, in the fellowship hall. The main character was a firefighter and a husband. He was a better firefighter than a husband. His firefighter world was filled with successes. His husband world was falling apart. He passionately taught his firefighters to ‘never leave their partner alone’. When there is a fire raging and threatening, you need to work with and take care of your partner. Great advice for a firefighter, and a husband. It took him a while, and some divine inspiration to get the second part.

Well, at times maybe the script and the acting were  less than Oscar quality. Maybe the amount of change in his life  was unrealistic for 40 something days. But, in my opinion, the net effect was greater than the sum of its parts. It was a story. Stories can inspire, stories can motivate. Stories can give us an idea of what matters,  and what to focus on. While engaging and even comical at points, I feel this story was powerful. Very powerful. I was not the only one who felt this way.

For people who want to improve their marriages or other significant relationships, this movie helped. After the movie we gave out books called The Love Dare. The book is a 40 day guide to learn to love better, and do relationships better. We ordered 50 of these books and many of them have already gone.

I think we will show the movie again, and probably get more books.

If you would be interested in watching this powerful movie let me know, and we can schedule another showing at HRC. If you would like a book,  let me know. If you have comments or questions please let me know.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve.

In Christ,