The Pulse May 2, 2009
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“Upcoming Events”

BIBLE 101. You can learn the Bible. We can help. So many of us really want to learn the Bible, and understand the Bible, but we are intimidated by it. But, as Christian believers in the Reformed tradition, we believe that God has given us His Word to help us live life more fully. So, how do we begin to understand the Bible?

Kevin Warren will be offering a “Bible 101” seminar on Wednesday nights, starting June 10. The class will last four weeks. He will cover some very basic keys to understanding the Bible, and resources you can use to help you understand. This is a┬ásafe, comfortable and non-threatening place to begin, or continue, your Bible exploration. You may sign up in the Fellowship Hall, or just come on June 10.

CHRISTCARE training. As I mentioned last week, we will be offering a condensed 4 day ChristCare training for new leaders this summer. The dates are July 15-18, Wed-Sat., 8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.. Maybe this is your chance to take this training.

If you take this training does this mean you have to leave your current group? NO! Maybe you can co-lead your current group. Maybe you can start a new group but continue in your current group to be nurtured there. There are plenty of options. Please pray and talk to others about whether or not this is your time to take this training.

Call or email me if you have questions about either of these opportunities.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve.

In Christ,