The Bridge – June 4, 2009
Posted on June 4, 2009 by under Outreach and Missions,


Often sermons and devotions speak more to the preacher or presenter than to the listeners.  Recently that has been very true to me.  At the deacons meeting this week I asked, “For whom or what would you drop everything to go take care of?”  This is an important question in a world that seems so busy yet nothing seems to be getting done.  I heard on the radio that the prediction 50 years ago was that we would have 30 hour work weeks, robots doing all our labor and flying cars.  Now I have 30 hours a week of e-mail on this computer that is supposed to make my life easy.

I asked this question of the deacons because I found myself getting upset and stressed out about things that, although they are important, are not things I would drop everything to deal with.  In life and in ministry, something I am trying to make one, June and July are great months to breath deep, slow down, and take notice of what takes up our time and what should take up our time.  We get angry about little things at church and we ignore the big things like children starving to death right here in the United States. 

If Jesus looked at your planner and watched what takes your time and listened to those things that consume us as “important” (wait, I think he does), what would he say?  How does it compare to how he spent his time on earth?

I think I need to cancel a meeting and go play with my kids!

Until Next Week . . . Mark