The Pulse June 11, 2009
Posted on June 11, 2009 by under Discipleship,

“Confirmation Class”

Once again we have enthusiastically welcomed a new group of  ‘professing Christians’ into our church. This year’s Confirmation Class, and their mentors, are:

  1. Emily Silvern/Nancy Juliano
  2. Emily Williams/Karen Gomba
  3. Kim Praino/Sheryle Silvern
  4. Madeline Gerlach/Michelle Ryan
  5. Christy Seregely/Jennifer Nieves
  6. Alyssa Gates/Jan Sabellico
  7. Caitlin Stark/Toni Viau
  8. Kristen O’Connor/Nance Herrmann
  9. Mikhail Bantin/David Nieves
  10. Anthony DiGregorio/Josh Nieves
  11. Andrew Holbrook/Patrick Boyd
  12. Teddy Russel/Rick Goerg
  13. Tyler Neckles/Michael Pearlman
  14. Sam Pearson/Rick Rieland
  15. Ian Dolan/Carl Nuessle

I am proud of these kids and their mentors. Ten of the 15 mentors are new mentors. They all did a great job developing relationships with each other, and supporting these confirmands. I truly hope that these relationships will last a long time- the relationships with each other, their relationship with our church, and their relationship with God. I pray that for all of them this is the beginning of a long obedience in the same direction. Would you please pray for them?


I am pleased to say that there were 24 or more people in the Bible 101 class last night, June 10. I am also pleased to say that there is still room for you, as they are meeting in the fellowship hall. Please consider this opportunity.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve.