In Touch June 26, 2009
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“A Call to Transformation”

In the Potter’s Hands By Pam Hansen (Guest “In Touch” writer)

One of the requirements of my graduate school program was to take a ‘Spiritual Formation’ Class.  Being raised and nurtured in the church all my life and having attended a Christian college, I started out thinking that this class would be an easy ‘A’.  Intellectually I knew a great deal about a life in faith.  I had been to church, Sunday school, and youth group.  I had been on mission trips and participated in evangelical endeavors.  I was ahead of the game in this class, and would surely prove that I knew all about being spiritually formed.

Dr. Michael Ferris was the professor for this class.  There were books to read and papers to write.  Every class ended with all the students sitting in a circle and answering deep questions of our lives that required intense soul searching.  Because of all my history and knowledge I thought this would be a cinch.  But some sincere and honest soul-searching revealed things about my life that I would have preferred to keep from my own awareness and certainly from others.  Yet unless I was willing to do this internal work, how could I possibly expect others with whom I work to do the same?

God was teaching me this:  that no matter who we are, how we were raised, how much we volunteer, how many mission trips we experience, the number of groups or bible studies we attend, we all have issues in our lives that need His healing touch.  As difficult as this process was, God was reminding me that despite what I have done, good or bad, He loves me unconditionally.  He wants to bring hope, healing, and restoration to those places in my life that might be preventing me from living a significant and meaningful life in relationship with Him and others.

Dr. Ferris uses the art of pottery-making to illustrate what our lives are like when we fail to address past and present issues that we would rather avoid.  He visually explains the process of preparing the clay and actually sits at the pottery wheel to demonstrate how a vessel is made.  Comparing this to our lives, he shows us what life CAN be like when we (the clay) give ourselves completely to God (the Potter), entrusting our lives to His hands.  His gifts of teaching, preaching, counseling, and storytelling gives a compelling picture of forgiveness and grace from our creator.

This Sunday, at both services, Dr. Ferris will take us on ‘A Journey to the Potter’s House.’  This is a powerful visual message for all of us.  Invite your family, friends, and neighbors.  I pray that it will be as meaningful for you as it has been for me, as I continue to be transformed by The Potter’s hands.