The Pulse July 14, 2009
Posted on July 14, 2009 by under Discipleship,

“The Bible Happens…”

As you know, I had the opportunity last Wednesday night and Sunday morning to lead us in a class and sermon called, “The Bible Happens.” This is a way of looking at the scriptures to see how they speak to our lives, regardless of how much we do or don’t know about the history and culture of Biblical times. By doing a little exercise called ‘find yourself in the story’, we see how the people in the Bible are like us, and how we are like them. I had fun with it, and I think some of you did as well. At least some people told me that. I think we found it helpful and educational.

So, I offer you the invitation to join us again this Wednesday, July 15, 7:00-8:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall. You may come even if you were not at any previous session.

The scriptures this week will be from the New Testament, and include Luke 10:30-37, and Luke 18:18-30.

I hope to see you Wednesday night.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve.

In Christ,