The Pulse July 28, 2009
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“The Bible still Happening…”, for you at home.

I am sending you the basic template for how we approached the scriptures for the past few Sundays, and Wednesday nights. I would love to have you do some Bible reading using this approach, and  let me know how it worked for you.

This is our approach.

Choose a scripture, (suggestions below) and read through it once or twice.  Then, go through it asking yourself these questions. It will probably help to make some notes.
• Just the facts! Summarize the story. What happened in this story, or what does the writer say in this section? Do not interpret at this point, just record the facts.  This may lead you right into the next section…
• Background. What do you know? Is there any background info about the history or culture of this passage that you are aware of? What questions immediately strike you from this passage? It may be helpful to read the section prior to the text, to give you some context. 

• Find yourself in the story. This is how we get to the heart of this Bible Happens approach. Ask these questions: does anybody in this story act or feel like me? Or, do you act of feel like anyone in this story? If the passage is not a story, ask yourself: what words from this scripture seem to describe me? In all of this, you are looking to find yourself in the passage. How is this ancient passage speaking to you about yourself, positively or negatively?

• Listening for God. What has God whispered into our ears? Here is where we make the life application. In this section avoid being overly objective. While you will realize general truths in this passage, and things that others should learn from this passage, let the passage speak to you. Listen to what God is saying to you, about you. It may be affirming, may be challenging, may even be confusing, but what, if anything, do you think God might be telling you through this passage?


  • We don’t need to be legalistic. If you find yourself discovering or asking something that is not captured by these questions, go with it. The whole point is to interact with scripture and hear what God teaches us.
  • Not all at once. You can split any of these passages into sections, or read them more than once on different days. It will be interesting to see what you find.
  • This is not a foolproof method, but (I hope) a helpful way of reading and understanding the Bible, God’s word to us.


You can apply this template or method to any scripture passage, and I encourage  you to do so. Here’s some ideas for getting started…

Taylor will be preaching from these texts for the next few weeks. These are good OT stories to ‘find yourself’  in.

1 Samuel 15:34-16:13.     1 Samuel 17:1-11,19-23, 32-49.      2 Samuel 11.    1 Kings 1:1-14.

And, here are some NT passages as well.

John chapters 3 and 4; split these into smaller sections that fit your style.

Acts 1 and 2; split these into smaller sections that fit your style.

Please email me back with comments, questions, criticisms, challenges!

Thanks for the opportunity to serve!

In Christ,