The Bridge – August 5, 2009
Posted on August 5, 2009 by under Outreach and Missions,

GPS or No GPS . . . That is the question!”

This might surprise some of you, but I get lost all the time.  It is not that I am bad with directions I just get a little lost in thought and the next thing I know I have taken the wrong exit from Boston, express way from Queens or the street to Tymor Park.  Got so bad my family decided I needed a GPS.  I love my GPS.  When I come to a turn a voice comes on, her name is Mandy, and says, “Turn right 800 feet.”  I don’t get lost and I get from point A to point B with nothing exciting happening.  ON THE OTHER HAND. . . the Mast’s are known to go on “adventures” (that is what we call getting lost).  Sometimes we do it on purpose.  Sometimes we leave the house and know we need to go north west for about 60 miles to find a place and we go.  We take a lot of wrong turns and stop at some wonderfully unique places.   As it starts to get late we often stop and ask for directions often giving people a laugh when we realize we missed the turn an hour ago.  We also meet some unique people.  Nice people.  Helpful people.  The joy of the trip is not getting to point B.  The joy of the trip is all that happens, all the surprises, conversations and laughter, in getting there.

Some folks like a GPS in life.  People always say to me, “Why doesn’t God just tell me so I can do what I am suppose to do?”  They want to put Point A and Point B in their scriptural GPS and go.  The problem with this is all you miss on the way.  Our spiritual destination is known and it is not changing.  The question is are you going to worry about just getting there or are you going to make getting there a wonderful adventure.  If there is one thing I have learned with church planting is that our best laid plans often get us where we want to go but not where God wants us to go.  You see, God is not just concerned with the end but with the individual.  So I want to encourage all of you as we at HRC talk about “where we are going” to leave room for some wrong turns, missed exits and stops to ask for direction.  I promise you the trip will be an adventure!

Until Next Week . . . Mark