In Touch August 7, 2009
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“Taking it to the streets… or at least the parking lot”

This Sunday our Gatherings service will meet under the tent at 8:45.  We join the kids out there as our VBS is held this week and the kids begin and end each day in the tent.  We first worshipped in the tent for fourteen weeks in the summer of 2001, when our sanctuary was going through a renovation.  We had fourteen weeks of beautiful weather and many enjoyed the outdoor worship in spite of the Harleys roaring by as some motorcycle club headed out for a on the Taconic. 

 With two summer morning services at HRC we can celebrate outside with those who appreciate the relaxed atmosphere of the tent,  or inside at 10:30 with those who appreciate the air conditioning.  The significance of going outside is more than simply preference for a style; it is the vision of a church that is seeking to move from being internally focused to externally focused.  I have been reading Reggie McNeal’s latest book, Missional Renaissance, where he states that the first shift for a church as it makes the move to being a missional church is to start looking outward instead of inward.   Certainly a movement outside for two weeks does not make this shift, but to be surrounded by the Harleys and the bluebirds can serve as a reminder that God’s movement and work is in redeeming this world, and the church is called to move from the pew to the public square with the good news that God is transforming this world through Christ.  I hope we have fun in the tent, but more than that I hope it symbolizes a move that we are constantly trying to make.

Yours from the street,