In Touch August 14, 2009
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“Facing the Giants”

“Every generation gets a chance to change the world
Pity the nation that won’t listen to your boys and girls
‘Cause the sweetest melody is the one we haven’t heard”  (Bono)

Bono, the lead singer from U2,  spoke to the Leadership Summit and presented the challenge that within the grasp of our generation is the ability to end extreme poverty in our time.  The benefits of a global economy come with the challenge  to address global poverty.  You talk about a giant problem that seems to scoff at the truth of a living God it is a child dying in Africa for the want of a simple pill that would cost twenty cents in America.  Bono presented statistics that this giant is beginning to fall.  Around 500,000 bedding nets have be sent to Malawi.  Malaria in that country has been cut in half.  What are the giants that God is calling you to take on?

As I am preaching on the life of David, I look at a boy who is just faithful enough to believe that God can take down a giant with a couple of stones and one person of faith.  He acts on that faith and changes the world.  The connection to Hopewell comes at a time when I see our vision clarifying.  Reggie McNeal’s book “Missional Renaissance” is having a profound effect on me and the way I believe I will lead this congregation.  The move is from an internal focus on the church and what will build up the body, to each individual follower of Christ connecting to their calling in the world.  Bono’s call as a rock star is to Aids in Africa.  What is yours?  What is the Goliath of a problem that you would really want God to do something about in this world.   God has given you tools, that are unique to you to battle that problem.  It may be a forgotten kid that lives on your block.   It may be helping a person who is lonely.  Our problems don’t need to be the size of Africa, but they need to be the places where  our deepest passion and the world’s greatest need come together.  That is what mission is about.  It may be half way around the world or half way around our block.

I will speak about some women in our church who have heard the call to set up a mentoring program for “at risk” kids in one of our local schools.  Through a series of events these women are preparing to take on Goliath.  David uses a sling shot and five smooth stones.  He was equipped in ways he already understood.  These women are teachers, PTA leaders and parents.  I want to see them let it fly.

God is just  looking for people of simple faith to connect to their calling.  I am praying that Hopewell will be a place that helps call forth your passion to address the needs you see and helps you appreciate the tools that God has already given you.  The sweetest melody is the one we haven’t heard.  I pray that you will start singing.

In Faith,