In Touch September 11, 2009
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Happy Birthday 9/11

 Today is a day of great joy for me.  My eldest daughter Hilary turns twenty-two.  She was born 9/11/87.  My nephew Jack turns fourteen today.  He was also born on September 11th.  He almost died his first year of life.   This day, for me, is always a precious reminder of the gift of life.  Both were born before 9/11 became a day of infamy, associated with terror and a fault line of history that we will always remember.


September 11 will always represent,  for me,  the best in this world and the worst in this world. The day of joy that celebrates the ways that my daughter and nephew have grown is tempered by the day of remembrance for those who lost loved ones and will not celebrate birthdays with them.  Today speaks to the reality of the gospel hope.  God is  restoring his creation to all that he intended, but in the meantime, we live in the struggle  between the already and the not yet.  


I don’t know which side of 9/11 you see more of, the agony or the ecstasy, but the gospel gives us a picture of both.  We are reminded to see the grace of birthdays and blessings that are around us and with us all the time.  God’s grace touches us every moment that we live in a broken world.  We are also called to remember that the kingdom is reclaiming ground in a world that has gone wrong.  We cannot look at the picture of a hungry child and not have our hearts break.  We cannot hear the name of a husband or father who died in the towers and not shed a tear of grief for the world that is. But in the end the message we hold forever is evil will be overcome with good.  Death will be swallowed in victory.  Mourning and crying and pain will be in the past.


Happy birthday 9/11, love wins!




P.S. You can wish Hilary a Happy Birthday and read about her work in Mexico at her blog site: