The Bridge – September 16, 2009
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Common Ground:  From the Inside Out

Many have asked about Common Ground.  They wonder about its purpose, its mission and its direction.  I know there are some out there that do not value it or its ministry.  Although this is a group that is following the Spirit into some new places and functions a bit different than what the established church is used to, I found the following e-mail (I was “CC”‘d) – a wonderful glimpse into Common Ground from the eyes of a Vassar student who is on the “inside” looking out.

Hey Sam,


It’s great to hear from you.  I know you’ve already heard about (Insert name of another church), but  “Common Ground” is an afternoon option that might also be what you’re looking for.  


Common Ground is:

– a group that meets at 4:00PM at the Hampton Inn on Rt. 9 (Currently still at the Mast’s, always check the web page!).  Rides are provided by Mark Mast (our pastor and facilitator) at 3:45 from Main Circle.


– as the name implies, it is designed to be a “common ground” for people with differing backgrounds and beliefs about the Bible.  While we are firmly rooted in scripture and who it describes Jesus to be, it is intended to be a space for questions, doubt sharing, and dialogue.


– a church for the unchurched!  We especially hope to reach out to folks who may feel uncomfortable with the traditional church setting, or perhaps turned off by the church’s long history of not quite living up to its creed.  Our aim is to get past the merely ceremonial, and focus instead on the true essentials of the faith.


– more interactive than the typical sermon.  While there is the focus of a message and teaching, it is very much dialogue-based.  I’ve found this to be more personal and engaging than other services, something I’ve really come to appreciate about the group.



Anyway, that should be plenty of info – actually, perhaps more than you were looking for.  If you have any questions though, feel free to contact me or Mark Mast, or check out the Common Ground website


And if you’re interested in a ride, you might consider dropping Mark an email so he knows how many to plan for! (





Although we may not always be sure where God is leading, we know he is leading and we know lives are being touched and changed!


Until Next Week . . . Mark