In Touch September 18, 2009
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Making A Joyful Noise

What is happening with our music?  It is a good question right now as we head into the fall.  Let me answer it in relation to each of our worship services. 

Gatherings (8:45 Sunday morning):  I hope you remember that in the spring we were concerned about the fall off in energy and numbers in our Gatherings service.  We brought Terry Dunham in to work with our bands and enhance our vision of what Gatherings could be.  The result of that work was a significant increase in Gatherings attendance and energy.  We decided to keep moving in this direction by having Tony Congi be the band leader and primary worship leader for Gatherings.  He has put together bands and singers that play to the strengths of each participant.  This band will include many different participants and it will be called “Glory Bound.”  They will provide primary leadership in Gatherings.  Linda Smith will be working closely with Tony in planning music and putting together services with Sherri Hondorp.  About once a month one of our youth bands will be leading Gatherings.


Foundations (10:30 Sunday morning):  We lost a great musician and choir leader when Lorraine felt called to different ministry.  (This Sunday she will be visiting the Port Ewen Reformed Church as she does a song fest weekend.  This is the church that  gave a significant gift to HRC for church planting.)  We have been looking for an organist/choir director to replace her.  While we have had a few preliminary interviews with potential candidates no possibilities have worked out at this point.  Eunyoung Park has graciously agreed to serve wherever the church needs her, and we are grateful to her.  We are continuing to consider all of our possibilities within the church and outside of it and pray that this hole in our ministry will be filled very soon. 


Journey/Odyssey (10:00 at Tymor):  Wayne and Lynn Morrison continue to lead music at Tymor.  They have found a special joy in praising God with folks at Odyssey, our service for those with special needs.  More and more group homes are making the connection with HRC Odyssey and we are all  grateful to Wayne and Lynn for their ministry of music at Journey and Odyssey.


Common Ground (4 PM, currently meeting at the Masts’ house)  Common Ground has a house band that included a violin, conga and guitars.  It is a sound that is beautiful and joyful.  Wes Dungan from Hopewell helps to lead this group.  We are hoping that they will be able to get up at 8:45 AM some Sunday soon and lead Gatherings.


Thank you to all who make a joyful noise to the Lord at HRC; pray that we will continue to be blessed with great music and great musicians.


Yours in Song,


Taylor W. Holbrook