In Touch September 25, 2009
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 A Time of Prayer (A Call from our Elders)

God invites us into relationship with Him.

Key to any relationship is communication and for that we have prayer.  It is through prayer that we come before God and place our needs, our joys, our concerns, our burdens, our questions and our challenges.  And it is also through prayer that we have the opportunity to hear God talking to us.

 The elders of HRC will be leading what we call, “A Time Of Prayer” for HRC  and we are inviting you to take part.

 The community of HRC – including Journey, Odyssey, and Common Ground – is facing many challenges right now and it is through “A Time Of Prayer” that we intend to go to God humbly, empty ourselves before Him, and ask his blessings upon our church and the challenges we face.

 We want to ask His direction and blessing on our vision, our mission, our people, our leaders, our staff and directors, our ministries, our mission teams, our community, the sick, the lonely, those challenged by troubled marriages, troubled finances, troubled youth, those who are seeking answers and those who God wants us to welcome into our community.  And more.

 We believe in the power of prayer and we believe God will bless us in a powerful way if we humble ourselves before Him and confess our need.

 So for a solid week – 168 hours – we are asking for this community to pray for HRC.  We are asking for the people of Hopewell to take part in a weeklong prayer vigil.  From 10 AM on October 4 until 10 AM October 11- without interruption – the people of HRC will pray for the church of Hopewell.

 To take part is simple:  There will be a sign up in Fellowship Hall at Hopewell and in appropriate places at Journey and Common Ground.  To sign up you simply write your name in a one-hour block of time.  Then, at that time, you pray for HRC.  For those who take times from 8 AM to 10 PM, we would ask – but not insist – that you pray in the sanctuary or in the library at Hopewell.  For the night owls who will take the times after 10 PM but before 8 AM, we invite you to pray from home.  We will provide prayer guides with suggestions but you are free to pray in any way you wish.

 If you want to take more than 1 time slot, we encourage you to do so.

 We believe ‘A Time For Prayer’ will have a powerful effect on our church and we need you to take part.  Please come talk with the elders in Fellowship Hall after service or during the week.

 Thank you.