In Touch October 2, 2009
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The 6% Challenge

Hopewell has been blessed with rich resources for many years.  Our leadership has not talked about money much at all.  This year that has changed.  Much of consistory has been talking about money and the challenges we face with our finances.  We have formed a budget team to look at 2010.  This team includes me, Kevin Warren (the vice president of Consistory),  Gary Cassaro (our head Deacon),  Mark Mast and Perry Lambeth (financial management man extraordinaire).  We are working hard to get spending in line with our vision as well as our income for 2010. 

First though, we have to work at finishing 2009 in good shape.  In order to do this I have issued the 6 % challenge.  Many people have lost jobs, or are in tough financial shape.  This challenge does not go out to them.  But many have been blessed to have steady income and stable bank accounts.  This challenge is for you.  We are down three percent in our giving from last year.  (Not bad considering all the factors of our economy).  We projected giving to be up three percent this year.  That leaves us with a six percent gap to close by the end of the year.  The challenge is, for those who are able, to raise giving in this last quarter by six percent.  I hope that Hopewell will rise to this challenge. 

All the ministry area directors have been challenged to cut spending this last quarter.  I am sure we will cut six percent from our spending plans.  If the giving and cutting work together, we should come to the end of the year in good shape. 

 I do not like talking about money much, but Jesus talked about money a lot.  He was not afraid to call us to be faithful with the resources that God has entrusted to us.  We are continuing to move in mission to be a church that is blessed to be a blessing.  I hope that you will join me in praying that resources flow in the directions that God has called us to, so that money will not be the discussion of consistory, but mission will be what dominates our meeting times and our minds.

 Yours in Faith,