The Pulse October 13, 2009
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“Does Sunday School Matter?”

If kids go to Sunday school does it have any effect on their lives? If teenagers go to Sunday school, does it have any effect on their lives? For that matter, if these kids and teens go to church or Youth Group does it matter?

Let me ask the question another way? Is it worth my effort as a parent to get my kids to church, SS, youth group on a regular basis?

Well, I suspect you know where I am going with this, but let me qualify my answer.The other day I looked at last years 12th grade graduating class. I am familiar with this group of kids from youth group and Sunday schools, as they were in 5th grade when I started here.

70% (or more) of these kids are living into the pattern that was set for them!! Most of the kids that went early and often have embraced the faith. Most of those who did not, have not.

Let me put it another way, and this is hugely on my heart now. If they stayed connected in late elementary school- BECAUSE THEIR PARENTS SET THE PATTERN, they tended to stay connected in middle school- BECAUSE THEIR PARENTS SET THE PATTERN- then they began to experience some of the mission trips and worship and small groups and activities that were available to them as HS kids-THEY MADE FRIENDS AND WERE MOTIVATED TO COME ON THEIR OWN- and they are living into that now!

I think this is huge for us to understand. The patterns of church involvment or non-involvment that were set for them early have come to fruition for 70% of them.

Do I say this to be condemning and judgmental? No, I say this…

  • as the father of a 13 year old. I think I know what I have to do, even thought it will be hard.
  • as a Youth Pastor/Pastor who has access to some observations and info that you might not have access to.

Of course there is that other 30%. Some of these kids were in church, SS, etc., and are not visibly  living into their faith now. And, some of these are kids who came to faith and participation later did not have that early involvment.

There are no guarantees, but, my recommendation for you and for me is to go with the percentages.

Please write back if you have questions or comments.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve.

In Christ,