The Pulse October 20, 2009
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“The Other 30%”

All is not lost. God is not limited to our statistics or our patterns. Last week I made the point that there is a correlation between the patterns of church/SS/Youth Group attendance or non-attendance when children are younger, and the pattern I see them living into in the HS and early adult years. This is true, there is a correlation.  I am not going to review all of that this week. BUT…,there is that other 30%.

Have you ever noticed how many times Paul uses their phrase “But God…” in his letters. Often, there is an established pattern or reality that exists, but, when God steps in or people give themselves to God, everything can change.

But God…. is still active and alive and persuasive and loving and caring. If your child is not coming to church or SS or Youth Group on a regular basis, the game is not over. They are not beyond being reached and God has not forgotten about or given  up on them. You know this!!

Do what you can to get them here, much like you did with Kindergarten and homework, etc. Don’t let them or yourself off the hook too easily. You know what is best. However, use your judgment. Pray! Talk with others. You can decide how hard to push, what to push on, and what to let go of. I often say that in parenting I am sure that I am right 10% of the time, sure that I am wrong 10% of the time, and the other 80%  I hope I am doing the right thing, but I don’t know.

But God is not done with you or your child, whether they come to church or not. There are no guarantees. Press on!

Thanks for the opportunity to serve.

In Christ,