In Touch November 6, 2009
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It’s Not About the Money

Lance Armstrong wrote a book titled: “It’s Not About the Bike.”  It is the story about his life and his battle with cancer.  His historic string of victories in the Tour de France became a sub note to the main event of the book, which is his fight for life.

As I continue the series this Sunday “Where in the World Am I Going” I will be speaking about money.  The widow’s mite as it is called.  The story from Mark 12.  Really it is a story about life.   Jesus’ teaching on money can basically be summed up with Armstrong’s title, it is not about the money- it is about life. 


This year we will have no stewardship campaign.  You will not be asked to return a pledge card and folks will not come forward with their promise for giving in 2010.   This may sound strange in a year of recession and financial challenge, but the reality the deacons and other church leaders see is that the real stewardship campaign happens week in and week out as we grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Spiritual growth is the key to greater giving.  It is not about the money,  it’s about life.


Recently Willow Creek released a study titled: Reveal.  Reveal pointed to the fact that people are motivated to give not by slick stewardship campaigns, but by a deeper relationship to Christ.  If people are not living Christ-centered lives then little will cause them to give.  The keys to greater giving were evidenced in two practices of committed Christians: 1) They read their bible daily and 2) they were involved in service.  Reading the Bible and serving become a cyclical thing leveraging each other for increased giving.


The bottom line is this: spiritual growth is the only real way for sustainable increases in giving.   People who are consumers of Church on Sunday without the commitment to the rest of the week and without the commitment to actively serve will generally never be break out, cheerful givers.


We will give you a Covenant Card.  This is between you and God.  You will not bring it back to church, but I encourage you to keep it close to your checkbook.  I want you to give for your life.  To be free from the power that money has over all of us.  For to give is to live.  What you make is how you make a living.  What you give is how you make a life. 


In Christ,