The Bridge: IT IS URGENT!
Posted on November 9, 2009 by under Outreach and Missions,

Part of our HRC family needs your help!  Yesterday we had some 70 Odyssey (our new worship community WITH people with special needs) friends praising God and learning to Love God with everything we’ve got and others as ourselves. 

We also learned that the budget cuts being made this week by our state representatives will drastically affect their lives.  Please read the following and act on behalf of your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Grace and Peace!

In his proposed budget cuts for the remainder of this year (until March 31, 2010), Gov. Patterson has cut substantial funding for OMRDD, the state agency for special education.  These cuts will directly affect our Odyssey friends through staff cuts, availability of services, vocational opportunities, and matched federal funding.

The local agencies are asking for our help in urging your legislator to oppose the proposed plan for deficit reduction. 

How to Reach your representatives:
To find your Senator’s phone number go to:

To find your Assembly person’s phone number go to:

Other helpful numbers:
Speaker Sheldon Silver:    Albany:  518-455-3791
                                                District:  212-312-1420

Senate President Pro Tem Malcolm Smith:   Albany: 518-455-2701
                                                                                District:  718-528-4290

Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada:   Albany:  518-455-3395
                                                                         District:  718-220-5480

Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson:   Albany:  518-455-2788
                                                                                           District:  718-649-7653