In Touch December 18, 2009
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  From Our House to Yours-

Merry Christmas

“For unto us a child is born-unto us a Son is given”

 Dear Friends,

  Since we have a lot of snow on the ground and the girls are getting ready to come home, it feels like the perfect time to send out Christmas cards. Here is what’s been going on in our family:

  Taylor has been very busy with work at church (I think I say that every year). He took a great trip to Jerusalem in  October with two friends, one of whom was born there.

He loves to ride his Cannondale bicycle all over the beautiful Hudson Valley, and since he got it for Christmas three years ago, he has racked up 3500 miles on it. A man of steel.                      

   I added juniors to my teaching schedule this year, which I enjoy very much. Right now they are busy analyzing Holden Caufield and the phonies of the world.  Not surprisingly, they have a lot to say. We have the big, big New York State Regents exam in June, so they are pretty good about focusing.

   Hilary is thriving in Mexico, volunteering for a year at Gabriel House, a home for children with disabilities. She has a great blog ( where she writes almost every day and posts lots of pictures. She says she is not very fluent in Spanish, but we are pretty sure she is lying.  Can’t wait to see her.

   Sarah has found her niche and is very happy at Hope as an international studies major. She loves her global politics class—and professor—and is living with very good friends in a “green” house: composting, keeping the heat down, and doing her part by not shaving her legs very often (it uses too much water in the shower). For the fall semester she will be studying overseas, but she has not decided where yet.

   Andrew is a sophomore and is enjoying one season off sports teams so he can go snowboarding this winter. He played football in the fall and plans to play lacrosse in the spring. He is going to Mexico for a spring break mission trip, and is very much looking forward to a manly trip to the boundary waters this summer. He passed his driver’s test on Monday and has done a great job practicing with the pickup truck and manual transmission.

   And that’s the news from Hopewell Junction. Wherever you are, we are sending this to you because we treasure our family and friendships.  We wish you peace and joy and good times this Christmas.             

 Love, the Holbrooks

Family Picture