The Bridge: 10 Sightings of Jesus at Christmas
Posted on December 30, 2009 by under Outreach and Missions,

10 Sightings of Jesus at Christmas

(It’s long, but I have not written in a while!)

1.  Kyle clinging to my neck as I carried him into the house at 2:00 p.m. on Christmas Day after TOO long in the hospital.

2.  The incredible response of love, prayer and way too much food during our kidney ordeal!

3.  The right people in the right place helping us get home (you know who you are. . .THANK YOU!)

4.  Concern from a family on Christmas Eve going through the greatest loss in their own lives.  I love you!

5.  Kyle’s school sent us a Turkey Dinner.  I love seeing Jesus in the public schools!!!

6.  A funeral for one of our Odyssey friends.  There was such a great turn out from HRC and to walk around the room having person after person hug and kiss me.  Then to get a huge “Get Well” card signed by everyone at the funeral to take to Kyle that day.  MOST IMPORTANT:  Love was everywhere as we laughed and cried together as we said good bye to our dear friend Jimmy!

7.  The Christmas Eve Service at Odyssey.   (I saw Jesus at the Beekman road services, but ask someone about Odyssey.  It was amazing!!)

8.  Walking through the children’s hospital and looking into the exhausted eyes of other parents.  Still saying “Hello.  Please.  Thank you.” when their insides where screaming like mine.  We met a family in the surgery waiting room (we were there for 12 hours) who had just discovered a tumor on their 7 month old baby.  From that time on, grandma and I would stop and check in on the other’s “special little one” leaving with promises of prayer.

9.  We were cared for in a hospital, Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, that was the result of parents’ grief.  After their daughter died of rabies, a school assignment had been found from their daughter that stated she wanted quality health care for all children.  Years later, and much begging and pleading from middle class average folks like you and me, this wonderful hospital was open saving many children for another holiday season to celebrate with their families.

10.  As Kyle and I were exploring the hospital in his little red wagon, we met a family with hundreds of DVD’s passing them out to all the children and their families.  The eldest daughter had spent last Christmas in the hospital and remembered how miserable it was.  She decided to do something out of her pain and collected all these DVD’s to bring smiles to hurting faces. 

Now make you list and share it with your family (and me if you want!)

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Mark