In Touch January 8, 2009
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Three Keys to Our Growth

Happy New Year Everyone!  It is exciting to start a new decade, even if we haven’t figured out what to call it: twenty-ten, or two thousand and ten.  That will work itself out, I guess. We begin the new year at Hopewell building on the ministry foundations that have brought us through the last decade: ChristCare, Missions and Healthy Leadership.

ChristCare: This Sunday we celebrate ten years of ChristCare ministry.  Good things come in small groups.  I continue to see lives changed, eyes light up and people “getting it” as they connect with holistic groups of biblical equipping, community building, prayer and worship, and missional service.  We continue to live into the vision of being a church of small groups, not simply a church with small groups.  I look forward to seeing as much growth in the next ten years of ChristCare as we have seen in the first ten years. 

Mission:  The two Sundays following ChristCare Sunday we will celebrate mission at HRC.  Along with ChristCare our missional service has been a key in life transformation for many people at HRC.

 Our “Jerusalem:” (local)  mission will be celebrated on Jan. 17.  What has happened with CMP (Community Maintenance Program) in the last decade has been miraculous.  We will host the Kirkpatrick family that day.  Their house in Pleasant Valley is one of the biggest projects that CMP has taken on.   We will also dedicate our Kids Hope volunteers.  There are 18 kids at Gayhead that will be connected with mentors.  Hopewell continues to live into the vision of the missional life for each follower of Christ here.

On Jan. 24 we welcome Pastor Cande from our partner church in Mexico.  Our kids have led the way in seeing life change come from mission trips around the world.  In 2002 we took our first adult trip outside the USA and this year we will see a broad of choices for folks who want to move out of their comfort zone and into the world in the name of Christ.  Following worship that day you will have opportunity to explore where you might serve in Samaria (North America) or to the utmost parts of the earth.

Healthy Leadership:  HRC has a long history of healthy leaders who are willing to listen to God’s voice and move in God’s direction.  Nelson Nieves has served as an elder for the past seven years, most of the last decade.  Nelson’s term in complete and we will be seeking a new elder.  I invite you to think and pray about somebody you would like us to consider for elder and respond to this post with that name, or fill that name in on your Connection Card this Sunday.  Thank  Nelson for his service as well.

These three foundations have served us well in the past and will move us into the future; whatever we may call this decade, we can trust our calling in Christ.   Taylor