The Pulse January 12, 2009
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“Parenting Teenagers”

“GET OUT OF MY LIFE, BUT FIRST CAN YOU DRIVE ME AND SARAH TO THE MALL”!!??   That is the title of a book on parenting teenagers. I have not read the book but I love the title. There are many versions of it: ” Don’t talk to me but make sure my clothes are cleaned for school”, “Drive me there now but don’t wear those clothes”, etc. You know the deal. As a father with a 13 and 11 year old, I am buckling my seat belt for these coming years. I still expect them to be great years, but with new challenges.

As part of the Hope Well,   we will soon be offering a seminar series on Parenting Teenagers. This should be an easy sell. I think anyone parenting teens would appreciate the help and thoughts of others. Pam Hansen is the point person on this, and she will be sending out info. She has done research and is developing this 6-8 week curriculum. It will include teaching and small group discussion.

The series will  start in February and run on 6-8 evenings lasting through April. We will be having the sessions on Sunday evenings that overlap the Youth Group time, so you can drop off your teens and stay for some nourishment for yourselves. Stay tuned for the specific dates and times.

You will be hearing more about this.  I suspect this is a seminar that we will be offering again in the future.

Thanks for opportunity to serve!

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