In Touch January 15, 2010
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 Haiti Hits Home 

 The day after the earthquake in Haiti, Lia, a woman from Bright Beginnings was in the fellowship hall weeping because she did not know about her family’s well being in the tragedy that was unfolding.  Lourdes and I prayed with her and we are hoping that she gets good news.  I have not heard about Lia’s family yet, but most of the news from Haiti is not good.  A country that was probably the worst equipped in the world to handle a catastrophe like this is trying to cope.  It is good to see nations and people come together to help.  In times like these borders break down and we all seem to try to do whatever we can to lend a hand.  We will be taking an offering on Sunday that will go to Haiti relief through Church World Service.  They are already on the ground providing relief.  You can go to the RCA website and find information about this:

 You can bring a donation on Sunday with a note on the memo line of your check that simply says Haiti.  We will join with many others who are trying to help in some way.  I hope, for Haiti’s sake, that the help is not for a moment. This moment remind us of the disparity in our world of wealth and poverty and calls us as followers of Christ to work for change that is lasting.

 I also walked away from the prayer time with Lia thinking about how much ministry takes place in Bright Beginnings.  Sue Nieves and Nancy Geysen (our two teachers at BB) are on the front lines of ministry with new families in our church.  Many Bright Beginnings families, at some point, end up coming to worship and some of them connect with the greater family at Hopewell.  Mark, Randy and I have started working with the four year olds in chapel and we share the stories of faith with the kids.  For some, the first time they hear about Jesus is in our sanctuary.  It has been one of the great joys of the last two years to connect with these kids in this way.  Faye Lotze welcomes families, and Sue and Nancy nurture those kids in very special ways.  This week was a reminder of how that ministry hits home.  I am grateful for Bright Beginnings and for the way it allowed us to  share some tangible ministry with one Haitian family this week.

 Yours in Hope,