In Touch January 22, 2010
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One hundred years ago Addison Bird left his pastorate at The Hopewell Reformed Church and planted the Arlington Reformed Church in Poughkeepsie.  A century later the consistories of Hopewell and Arlington have been working on a plan to have Randy Prentiss work with Arlington Reformed on a fresh start in ministry in Poughkeepsie.

 The plan is for HRC and ARC to form a covenant partnership.  The key piece of this partnership will be Randy.  He will serve half time as Arlington’s pastor and half time as HRC’s director of youth ministry.  Randy will be giving up his role as Pastor of Spiritual Growth and returning to a primary focus on youth ministry at Hopewell.   Randy is excited about this move and feels that the call to partner with Arlington is truly the next stage of living into the call that God has placed on his life.  Arlington Reformed decided that it did not have the resources to call a full time pastor after Steve Sickler (their former pastor) retired.  That is when discussions started for HRC and ARC to form a partnership in ministry. 

 The partnership with Arlington has been taking shape for a while.  We supported their move into ChristCare ministry and they have been meeting with our SEA groups in developing that ministry there.  We share their parsonage for Common Ground and for some of the programming of Odyssey.  John Young has worked as a Natural Church Development coach for ARC.  Wayne and Lynn Morrison have helped with the music ministry at ARC.

 The partnership means that we will share equally in the cost of Randy’s compensation package.  We will invite Arlington to continue to develop connections in ChristCare and start connections with missions, youth and people from HRC who may be interested in helping with the fresh start process.  Randy will have Hopewell’s support in working with Mark Mast as coach, and we are looking for Mark to take on the role of classis supervisor for Arlington.  Some of the worship resources we use at HRC will be transferable for Randy at Arlington.

 If all plans go well this transition will take place on February 15, 2010.  We have needed to keep this plan confidential so that the Arlington Reformed Church could discern what God was calling them to do.   Randy is scheduled to preach at Arlington on January 31.  We will be able to talk about this more at our congregational meeting on February 7.  The early church was able to say “it seems good to the Holy Spirit and to us.”  Working with leaders of the two churches and with Randy, we are able to say the same thing.  One hundred years after an HRC pastor had a fresh start in Poughkeepsie we are seeing history repeat itself.  It is exciting…….    Taylor