The Pulse January 26, 2009
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“Back to the Future”, or “a u-turn for uTurn…”

Last Tuesday night I walked through the Youth House while Lourdes was leading Jam for the Lamb. The year was 2010, but it could have been 2003 or so.

Jam for the Lamb is the musical jam session that led to the uTurn worship band. The reason you have not seen uTurn recently is that several of the members graduated HS and are away at college. So, it is back to Jam for the Lamb and kind of starting over again.

So, I am walking through the Youth House and I see and hear about a dozen people playing and singing. They range in age from 13 to 50 something. There are kids and adults from our church, kids and adults from other churches who come here because there is nothing like this for them at their church, kids brand new to our church, kids who have been around a while but whom we rarely see at anything else we do. It was a great conglomeration of people who fit together well in this under the radar event.

It reminded me of when Jam for the Lamb started. Several of the kids who participated with Lourdes and Wes were disconnected from other youth activities in the church. They had not yet found a home in our youth program. It was by offering this unique opportunity that several of them got connected and then went on to missions and worship and life changing events. Seriously! Some of these kids’ lifes’ directions were influenced by Jam for the Lamb, uTurn, camps and retreats and mission trips. At least two of these recent grads are pursuing careers in music and worship.

Along the way some of the adults that have served with this inter-generational band have grown spiritually and moved on in other worship venues.

So, it is back to the future. I look forward to seeing who God grows and calls through this ongoing ministry.

Oh, by the way, they could use a lead guitarist! Contact Lourdes.

P.S.     We are accepting donations of LEGOS (plenty would be good) and old magazines. We are using them to help us lead seminars on our Sharpe Retreat, 2/12-14. So, please drop these off in the breezeway of the Youth House before Feb 10!!

Thanks for the opportunity to serve!

In Christ,