In Touch February 5, 2010
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 “The State of the Union”

President Obama stood before a joint session of Congress and shared the bad news.  Things are tough.  Sunday at noon, I will stand before a joint session of our congregation and share the good news.  God is good!  Our congregational meetings have gotten better and better as we have shared stories of ministry at HRC rather than simply balance sheets and reports on the year that was.

This year’s meeting will be the best yet.  Ron Ruvo will share his story of spiritual growth through mission, small group and worship.  It is exciting to hear how God has moved in his life.  Pam Hansen will share a few short vignettes of how our caring ministry has supported people in times of challenge.  Paul Pearson represents an exciting movement that has happened in mission where some of our kids, who have started on youth mission trips, are now moving into lives of full time Christian service.  Steve Dambra will share the ways God has done far more than we could have asked or imagined in our ministry at Odyssey.  Michael Reynolds, a barbarian turned deacon, will give the financial picture of the blessings of this year and a new budget structure for the year to come.  Our table time will allow you to share highlights of ministry from your perspective.

 Bruce Smith has prepared a multi media presentation on a year in our life.  We have  some people to thank for their service.  We will elect a new elder (Pat Blanchfield is the consistory nominee).  I will speak about where we are headed in the coming year and we will close with a youth video “Party in Hopey J.”  It will be a great party!

 By the way…. the numbers are good as well.  In worship we saw an increase of three percent overall this year.  In finances over a million dollars came for various missions and ministries.  We ended the year with about a $1,000 surplus.

President Obama had a challenge on how to spin the bad news.  I have a challenge on how to manage all the good news. I hope to see you there.  The events team is providing a Super-Bowl luncheon, with donations accepted (unlike our government, we do try to operate on a balanced budget).

 Yours from the Dias,