In Touch February 19, 2010
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A Clearing Season


There will be a wardrobe in worship at Hopewell this Sunday.  It will be symbolically crammed with all the crud that confuses our lives.  We stuff our stuff in the closet and hope that it stays hidden, and then one day we open it up and it all comes tumbling out.  It is time to clear some things up in our lives; to simplify and sort through what we need to see clearly.  This Lent, for the next six weeks, that will be the image we work with; a clearing season.

This morning in my ChristCare group we worked with the text that we will use this Sunday.  Luke 4, Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness.  As we talked about our wilderness stories, I was reminded of the power God has in clearing out some of the illusions of our lives and setting us on a course of true living.  That is what we want God  to do in our towards Easter.  God is moving us from death to life.

 Mark Mast will preach at Hopewell this Sunday.  We continue to pray for his son Kyle, as he recovers from surgery and we hear the news that he may need additional surgery.  Mark has a prophetic voice to speak to us in our wilderness, especially as he struggles through this time with his son.   I will be in the Dominican Republic with a mission team from Hopewell that includes Pastor Antonio Aquino, a pastor from a Dominican Church in Rhode Island that is looking to join the RCA. This mission trip also includes a person who has a connection with a church or with Christ.  It is a model of mission that Mark has advocated.  His hope is that every mission trip would include someone far from the faith that would in mission with Christians. Evangelism will be shared in word and deed together.

I hope you will use this as a clearing season for your life; to join in worship on Sunday mornings, and gather with others on Wednesday evenings for a simple meal and to reflect on a clearing season.  It is time to open the closet and let the clearing begin.  God is leading you from death to life.

 In Christ,