The Bridge: 3 SHORTS
Posted on March 4, 2010 by under Outreach and Missions,

ONE:  It is cold and dark and Jill, Kyle and I are leaving the hospital after his last surgery.  We cross over the Sprain Brook Parkway and come to a long line of cars.  This never happens this late at night.  Horns start blaring.  Cars start swerving into the on coming lane.  It is our turn.  I pull around the lady sitting in her Audi frantically trying to start it.  My son just had major surgery and we needed to get home.  Jill hits me on the arm and tells me to turn around.  Long story short, I take up another lane as I move in beside the Audi, hook up to her battery and get enough juice for her to get out of the middle of the road so she can wait for her friend.  Even with hoods up, flashers blinking and me standing outside with a flashlight, cars blare their horns and give us dirty looks (Too dark to see any other jesters!).  Thirty minutes and we are on our way.

TWO:  I go to the corner gas station for milk (we are having breakfast for dinner).  A young lady is frantically looking for help and asks if I have a gas can.  I ask her to wait a minute as I run home, ask Jill to take over dinner, fill the tank with gas and invite here to climb in.  She told me she had quit her job that day and was moving to South Carolina.  She had grown up in the area but was sick and tired of how mean everyone was.  Why anyone would want to live in such a miserable place was beyond her understanding.  She said when she ran out of gas, everyone just blew their horns and she had to push her car off the road and into a parking lot by herself!  Then, when she got to the gas station, no one was willing to help.  Then she said something that concerned me, “This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me!”  Thirty minutes later I was eating my pancakes talking to my kids about what just happened.  Kyle is quiet until he turns to me and asks, “Did you do this because it is part of your job?”  I didn’t know how to answer until Jill spoke up, “No, Kyle, we do this because it is part of our hearts.”  Then I entered into a 15 minute boring sermon on radical love as my kids rolled their eyes.

THREE:  I had an extra half hour for t.v. the other 363 days of the past year.

I wonder what would happen if everyone in Dutchess County who said they loved Jesus (Reformed, Catholic, Baptist, Non-denomination, etc.) gave up one half hour t.v. show a week to radically love their neighbor?  I wonder if people would be moving into Dutchess Country because of how nice everyone is?

Until Next Time —Mark