In Touch March 5, 2010
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Welcome Wesley

 “O sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done marvelous things. His right hand and his holy arm have gotten him victory.”  (Psalm 98:1)

 Chalk it up to the latest evidence of God’s providence; we are hiring Wesley Joseph to be our organist and choir director.  God has done marvelous things!  About a year ago Lorraine Nelson Wolf left as organist and choir director for new areas of ministry.  We discovered an organist in our own back yard who was a young, talented, easy going musician. Through the past year, Wesley Joseph  has filled in many times at the organ bench.  Sherri and Edwina would often say: “it would be so nice if Wesley was available.”   The problem was that Wesley was headed to law school in Virginia.  After Christmas, Sherri wrote Wesley a note thanking him for helping out so well through the Christmas season.  She added: “if you ever quit law school, let us know. We would love to hire you.”  Wesley wrote her back and said that he was not continuing in law school and Sherri dropped her jaw. 

 Wesley has met with our choir, with our consistory and with our search team, consisting of Edwina Pratt, Sherri Hondorp and me. We have offered him the position of organist/choir director for our Foundations service.  He has accepted.  We are very confident of his musical ability and are looking forward to his development as a choral conductor.  Edwina has agreed to work with him in whatever ways are needed.  Wesley is currently looking to pursue his Masters Degree in Education and land a job teaching English in the area.  Our hope and our prayer is that this is a relationship that will continue for many, many years. 

 Wesley is a man of outstanding character, a committed Christian; he is a member of Fishkill Baptist.  He graduated from John Jay High School and Wheaton College.  He is easy to work with and has a deep appreciation for music and worship.  He will formally begin on the Sunday after Easter when we will have a service to welcome him, but he will continue playing as our substitute organist through Lent and Easter. 

 So often we see the providence of God looking in the rear view mirror.  This is another case of that. Some of our frustration and discouragement in the process was a way of biding time for a better solution to be found.  We are so grateful to many: Edwina Pratt, who has directed the choir for this year and held things together in so many ways; Sherri Hondorp, for her guidance of our worship ministry; Eunyoung Park, who played for us at the start of this program year; the chancel choir who faithfully continues in its ministry.  My hope is that we start Wesley off on the right foot and see many new choir members join in.  We are especially encouraging high school kids who love to sing to join the choir.   Come sing a new song to the Lord.  Welcome Wes, God has done marvelous things.