In Touch April 16, 2010
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 The “E” Bomb

 Last Sunday I got in trouble with an atheist as I talked with her about people I call the “evangelical” atheists.  She said that she took offense to my calling them evangelicals.  I went on to explain my language, saying that anybody who has a world view they share with another, with any hope of that person living a better, more fulfilled life through that world view, is an evangelical.  The root of the word evangelism, is good news.  Whether you are sharing the benefits of a new diet, an exercise regime, a world view that advocates low carbon emissions, or the good news of Jesus Christ, you are an evangelist.  

Many of us are afraid of the word evangelism.  Somehow we have come to believe it is forcing our views on someone else.  It is often accompanied with arrogance or intolerance, lacking love and grace.  The good news of the gospel can never be that.  One definition of evangelism I enjoy is: “one beggar telling another where to find bread.”  If we have discovered the bread of life we can do nothing less than share it with those whom we love and care about, whatever their world view.  How they respond is the work of the Holy Spirit, but the call to be ready and willing to share should be at the core of our being.  As 1 Peter 3:15 states: Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.

This coming Wednesday night, Mark Mast and I will begin a working study on evangelism.  We will look at the biblical understanding and move into some very practical ways to share faith and hope.  It is tied with this sermon series on Conversion.  This week we hear Adam Izzo’s story along with Acts 8 and the Ethiopian Eunuch.  The Eunuch’s story is one of my favorite biblical evangelism stories.  Here is one who is far from the accepted structures of religion, who is seeking and finds life in faith.  Philip, who shared the good news, was willing to go any distance to be faithful in sharing the hope that he had found in Christ.  I know that you will love Adam’s story as well.

You are an evangelist.  What good news you share is up to you, but if you have found life and are a person of love, it makes sense that you will share it.  I hope that you are comfortable with your calling as an evangelist. 

 Yours in Faith,