In Touch April 23, 2010
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“Dr. Mast I Presume”

“As the body of Christ, we are called to a Missional Life of Caring for Creation, Social Justice, Benevolence Care, Discipling Missions, Daily Missions, Servant Evangelism and Evangelism. The Missional Life is one that looks outward and seeks those places where we can bring the grace of Christ to a hurting world.” (Dr. Mark Mast)

The word came from Holland Michigan that Mark Mast’s doctoral dissertation was approved at Western Seminary on Tuesday. On Wednesday he presented his work to the seminary community. I spoke with a friend who said that the crowd that came out to hear the presentation was larger than usual. I believe this is because Mark has hit a topic that is hot in the church right now. In my ministry I have been through various stages of emphasis in ministry and the work being done on the missional life is leading the way for the church in the next decade.

We are fortunate at HRC to have one of the leaders in the RCA in this area. Mark’s connections with church planting and missional life bring together two themes of Hopewell’s vision that are guiding us into the future. Our “167 Living” vision is a look into our future that combines both. Mark has made a significant impact on the east coast in working with churches and pastors that are trying to live into the missional life as well as starting new faith communities. As I head to meetings now Mark’s name is immediately mentioned when I say I am from Hopewell Reformed. This is exciting.

Jesus said a prophet is not without honor except in his home town. Let that not be true for Mark here. He will be preaching at Hopewell this Sunday (I will be with the Kairos team in Fishkill correctional facility). Take a moment to congratulate him. There will be a time when his doctoral mentor, Dr. George Hunsberger will come out to award the doctorate in the presence of the church. We will celebrate on that day, but for this Sunday let us lift up thanks that so gifted a church leader is in our midst.

Yours in Christ,