The Bridge-Dancing in the Street
Posted on May 13, 2010 by under Outreach and Missions,

I was stopped at a light trying to figure out what to write for today’s Bridge when I saw a man dancing down the side walk.  Yes, he was dancing!   He was wearing dress pants, yellow shirt, tie and sneakers.  Obviouslyhe was taking a lunch break walk/dance.  He was smiling, twirling and doing a bunch of dance steps I can’t name.  I was jealous!  I get so caught up in the details of life, meetings, writing sermons, coming up with Bridge articles, having serious conversations about evangelism, the missional church, theology . . ., I long for just enjoying the sun and dancing down the street.

In our evangelism seminar last night, we talked about what we show the world of Jesus in our everyday life.  How do we act at work?  Are we the know it all telling everyone what to do or are we the humble servant even if we are the boss?  How about sporting events?  Do we encourage the players or are we yelling at the coach, the ref. and the kid who didn’t pass our child the ball?  How about school?  Are we running through the halls kings and queens or are we gracious to all we meet?  How we act is the first vision people not yet followers of Jesus Christ get of his message.

Second to grace, if there is anything I see in Jesus’ message is joy.  I often point out to folks that happiness and joy are different.  Even in the darkness, we can be people of joy because of the hope of Christ to which we cling.  The problem is, as I look at my life, I don’t think I show much joy.  I am not one of those freaks walking around with a smile on my face, telling everyone “hi,” or dancing down the street.  Why not?  I am a follower of Jesus and he has promised me a life of joy.  I should be living it!  I should be a Jesus Freak!!! 

I need to put things in priority and if something is causing me anguish and not joy, maybe, even if it is in the church, it is not of Jesus.

Spring is here.  The challenge is out to spend the time between Pentecost 2010 and Easter 2011 entering into relational evangelism.  The first step:  Living a life of joy.  Being the first fragrance of Christ’s grace.  Taking time to put on our sneakers and dance down the street!

Joy is in the air!  Let’s DANCE!!!!

Until Next Time . . . Mark