In Touch May 21, 2010
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  “The Kids Are Alright”

 William Willimon, the former Dean of Duke’s chapel, tells a story of a young person coming back to Willimon’s former church in North Carolina and telling him that he was the greatest pastor he ever remembered.  Willimon, flattered by the compliment, asked what made his ministry so effective for the lad.  Willimon, hoping for a comment about his preaching, his care or his relevance was humbled when the young man responded: “you always remembered my name.”

Willimon’s story has special significance for me this week as we receive new members into the life of Hopewell.  This group has more kids below junior high age than any group I can remember.  By my count, twenty five kids eighth grade and younger will be joining in the fellowship at Hopewell.  It will be an amazing challenge for me, and all of us, to remember their names.  Sheryle Silvern, our Children’s Ministry Coordinator has arranged for childcare during our new members group and it has had the feel of a summer day camp.  Last Sunday the kids were outside on the hills of Poughquag and the running and jumping indicated that this church stuff was working out pretty well for the kids.

We thank Sheryle, Emily Silvern, Sarah Ruvo, Shelly Gilbert and Melissa Friedemann for helping with childcare these last Sunday evenings.  We also add our thanks to Sheryle and all in our children’s ministry as well as Randy and all in our youth ministry for laying the ground work for great programming and a great church for kids and families.

It is exciting to see all these kids and we will celebrate their presence with us, as well as their parents, as we all grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.  And just so you can start to help me with names, I introduce you to these kids that are part of our family at HRC:

 Carli and Ryan Behan

Lauren Baer

Ryan, Emma and Kailey Fitzgerald

Sean and Kate Harrison

Ryan and Marissa Hayes

Shannon Herrmann

Kristen, Nikola and Lucas Kafantaris

Avery and McLain Miller

Jonathon, Nicole, Amanda and Olivia Sangulin

Sid, Brendan, Tabitha and Hailey Scoralick (Our first family to join at Journey)

Soliande and Matthew Sibblies

 It will be a challenge to remember these names, but  I promise to make work of it.  I hope you will too.