The Bridge: Comforts of Home
Posted on May 27, 2010 by under Outreach and Missions,

I spent this past weekend in Iowa for my nephew’s graduation.  Whenever I travel, the first thing I say at night as I crawl into MY bed is, “I sure love MY bed!”  I take it for granted the rest of the time.  It is only when I don’t use it that I realize how nice and comfortable and cozy it is.  Bed INC, our ministry of giving beds to people without beds, is a constant reminder to me how important the little things are.  I was so impressed with the out-pouring of support for Bed INC last November and was amazed how quickly we gave away over 35 beds to people in need.  To deliver these beds and see where many children sleep with grandma on a bed we would not allow in our home.  To see a couch where a disabled person had been sleeping FOR YEARS because beds are not covered by any government agency and since it is against the law to donate a bed, there are no beds at The Barn or Salvation Army.  Who would have thought something taken so for granted by you and me would be such a need for so many people! 

Now the ask! 

We need more beds.  It costs us $145.00 to provide a person or family with something we take for granted.  The deacons have set a summer goal to raise enough money for 20 more beds.  Now this is an “up and above gift.”  What that means is that this is not a part of your regular giving to HRC, although you will get a tax receipt for it.  This is something we are asking you to consider giving as a means for us to care for God’s children who need a little help.  It might mean sacrifice.  The Mast family might have to give up our “one night a week eating out” for a month or so.  I might have to schedule coffee meetings instead of lunch meetings.  We might have to forego our day trip to the city and walk the Hudson Walking Bridge instead.  I might have to do with my “old tools” for another summer.  The reality is, most of us blow through $145.00 without thinking.  The reality is, the Mast’s can probably afford $145.00 and still do all the things we are planning to do.  The reality is, it will not be a sacrifice at all, but it will be an incredible gift we will not think twice about.

We want 20 more beds (make that 19 because the Mast’s have bought one).  If you are able, please make a check out for $145.00 to Hopewell Reformed Church and put “Bed INC” on the memo line.  Put it in the offering plate, drop it off at the church office, give it to one of the pastors . . . just get it in.

When you crawl into bed tonight, I bet you will appreciate something so taken for granted.

Until Next Time . . . Mark