In Touch June 11, 2010
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Do You Sing?

 Last Sunday I stood in front of the church and noticed how many people were not singing.  I mean not opening a hymnbook or bluffing the words, just checked out for that moment of worship until we sat down.  Do you sing?  Does it matter?

 As we come to music Sunday I thought about that.  As a culture, music is probably more a part of our lives than ever.  We listen to music, but I think fewer people play musical instruments and fewer people learn how to read music and sing.  Fewer people sing in worship. 

 Is anything at stake for the church in this?  Is anything at stake for our spiritual lives?

John Calvin says: “He who sings prays twice.”  Song gives flight to our prayers.  I know for most Protestants our theology is learned in our hymns as much as anything else.  The picture of heaven in Revelation is a scene of singing praise to God.  We will be singing forever. 

 The role of the choir and musicians in church is to lead the people of God in singing in worship.  How many of us have been taken to another place as the choir, the band, or special musicians, in tune with the spirit, inspire us to lift our voices and hearts to heaven.  When words need wings, we sing. 

 This Sunday we celebrate all who have given so much of their time and talent to leading us in worship through music.  We will feature our musicians and celebrate their contributions.  There will be less talking and more singing.  I hope you sing.

 Yours in Tune,