The Bridge — THANKS!!!!
Posted on June 11, 2010 by under Outreach and Missions,

I know when pastors start thanking people we often miss folks.  There have been, however, a few things I need to lift up and thank people for even though I know I will miss others!!!

ONE:  I had made a request for money to buy beds for Bed INC…Got it all and more (even from Michigan and Ohio)!  Thank you for all who have given (and offered me dinner for those meals I skip).  Now the Mast’s just need to turn in their check (so don’t feel bad if you have not done it YET)!

TWO:  We invited folks to go out to Flatbush Reformed Church to paint.  I was not sure what would happen.  We have now gone three times with teens all the way up to grandparents.  The pastor and families at Flatbush are so thankful.  Let me know if you still would like to go up and paint because the need is still great. 

THREE:  I just got back from our FIRST ANNUAL Kids Hope celebration at Gayhead Elementary School.  How awesome it was to see mentors and their students sharing time with one another.  Thank you to all (especially the principle who took a risk with a church group) for a wonderful start to something that will be a lasting impact on our community.  If you are interested for next year . . .let me know!

FOUR:  There is a quiet group of women who get together each week and knit.  We will be praying over a new batch of Prayer Shawls in the coming weeks.  It is so meaningful to folks who feel so lost and alone during those hard times of life to wrap themselves in the prayers and love of our family!

FIVE:  Keep the thank you’s coming!  E-mail me all the thank you’s that need to be shared in our HRC family so I can pass them on!

Until Next Time . . . Mark