The Bridge – Keeping the THANKS Coming!
Posted on June 24, 2010 by under Outreach and Missions,

The last time I wrote I invited folks to respond with “Thank Yous” of their own.  The first person I heard from was Doris Johansen.

Hi Mark you said keep the THANKS coming, so here goes.  I thank everyone at HRC for the wonderful celebration they gave me at the two coffee hours on the 18th April, and a special thanks to Jackie, her husband, Randy, and their son Richie for supplying the wonderful sheet cakes, the largest I have ever seen, and all the decorations, balloons etc.  It is a birthday I will never forget,but after that one, I am not celebrating anymore!!   Thanks and God bless you all.

And then I heard from Pam Hansen.

Kids Hope WAS awesome today!  I am also thankful this week for Lee Ann O’Connor and Patty Coppola who coordinate the food pantry donations that come in along with dispersing funds for people in need of food.  I met with Lee Ann last week and we are talking about HRC partnering with a ministry in Moldova to help feed the elderly there!  HOW COOL IS THAT????  So….this is just another example of an HRC ministry that serves congregants, community, surrounding communities, and the world!  We also are talking to Nance Williford to see how the Extended Care Team can support this too.  Great way to interconnect ministries.  Exciting stuff. 

And Pam’s e-mail reminded me of all the un-sung heroes that makes ministry possible at HRC.  To be missional is about looking and going outside the church.  This does not mean that the work done at the church which is helping all of us become who Christ is called us to be is not missional.  It is that body of Christ thing as we all need to work together to glorify God.  So I take time to thank all of those missional servants who help me become all I am called to be.  Especially those that we don’t even think about it.

Could you imagine coffee hour without coffee.  Nursery without child care.  What about the lawn?  Can you imagine coming to church week after week with no lawn care.  (By the way. . . we need some more missionaries on lawn mowers!)  How about the sound and power point folks.  No one knows they are there unless something goes wrong and everyone turns to look at them or yell out “I can’t hear!!!”  How about a worship without bulletins or maybe we will have you fold your own when you come in.  The list goes on and on.

I guess what I am wanting to say this week is we as a church should not wait until special Sundays, or articles, or look just to the staff to say thank you for all the awesome things people are doing.  People working behind the scenes to make HRC the community she is and providing the platform for the rest of us to jump into missional service.

The Challenge:  I challenge you to find 1 thing no one notices at HRC, find out who does that work, and thank them!

Until Next Time . . . Mark