The Bridge: Embrace the Grace
Posted on June 30, 2010 by under Outreach and Missions,

My newest phrase that I have been sharing with folks is to “Embrace the Grace.”  As we talk and they share their pains, their frustrations, their feelings of not measuring up to God, I encourage them to “Embrace the Grace.”  This grace comes in many forms.  Sometimes it means giving yourself a break and accepting God’s grace through Christ, and sometimes it means accepting love and support from those that Christ has put in your life to offer his grace.   This second piece is where I have trouble “Embracing the Grace.”

I love to help people.  I have been accused of helping people to a fault, but I have never regretted it.  I have never given of my time, talents or money in such a way that it harmed me.  I will drop what I am doing to help you and what is wonderful is that this is an approach that my family also practices.  So when I help others, they understand.  What I cannot do is accept help from others.  I can give, but I cannot receive.

On July 9, my family will partake of one of the nicest gifts we have been given.  All five of us will get on a plane and fly to Hawaii.  Everything is being handled by a wonderful organization known as Make a Wish.  They will handle and plan and pay for everything.  Now, we have been approached by Make a Wish in the past, but we . . .I. . . never thought it was the best time.  Others needed it more than us.  Our kids are too young to appreciate it. ON and ON and ON.  After Kyle’s 6th surgery this year Jill said it was time.  I struggled with (still do) the thought of a ton of people I do not know graciously giving their money so my family can have a good time with no thoughts or worries before Kyle’s next surgery at the end of July.  It is all about grace.  It is God giving our family a blessing and I know, being a giver,that those who are providing this trip were blessed in their generosity.  I just need to “Embrace the Grace.”  Now I have made excuses saying that I am doing it for Kyle or for the family, but I need to “Embrace the Grace” for myself.  This is God’s grace for me and I need to accept it with a thankful heart and look for the blessings I will receive through it.

People need to serve.  People also need to be served.  If you are being served, “Embrace the Grace.”  If you are a server, you, too, need to “Embrace the Grace” and allow others to care and give to you.  This whole family of God, Kingdom of God on Earth, Body of Christ thing hinges on all of us being on all sides of the grace.  We give because we need to give and we receive because others need to give and we need to “Embrace the Grace.”

I realize that the reason I struggle with the gift to Hawaii is because there is no way I can provide it for my family.  That, however, is the thing about grace.  It can only be embraced when we realize it is not something “I” can do.

Humble yourself this summer.  Embrace the Grace.  Live in the joy of the kingdom.