In Touch July 9, 2010
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Honor Your Mother

 This Sunday we begin a series titled “Women Who Changed the World.”  It will be launched by a woman who has changed my world, my mom.  When Sherri Hondorp and I first talked about this series, we said it would be nice to launch it with a preacher who is a woman.  We tossed out a couple of ideas and then I remembered that I had worked with my mom on a sermon about the woman at the tomb, and what a difference women had made in the proclamation of the gospel.  I have gotten more and more excited about her coming to Hopewell and I have reflected more and more on the difference that she has made working with women in the Reformed Church in America.

 In the 1970’s my mom traveled the country leading workshops for Reformed Church Women titled “Women in Leadership.”  It was a time of division on the role of women in the church, as the denomination was debating whether women should be ordained to office as elder, deacon or Minister of Word and Sacrament.  I have never heard my mom preach. She has been behind the scenes in many ways as the wife of a pastor; but here, in her four-score years of living, she will be honored in her own right for the difference that she has made.  Through her message she will honor the difference mothers and sisters have made for the gospel in this world. 

 From an introduction to the series this Sunday, we will  go in some interesting directions.  For the next four weeks we will be preaching on the four women who make it into Matthew’s lineage of Jesus: Tamar, Rahab, Ruth and Bathsheba…interesting choices to have named in the family tree.  After that we will go to four women of the New Testament whose lives were touched by Jesus.  Along the way we will consider some of the roles of women in biblical times and consider how that translates to our day.  It has caused some controversy and we will look at some of the arguments and understanding.

 I am excited by this series, not just because my mom is preaching, but for my daughters and for the daughters of this church. I want to hold up the vision that they are called to be world changers for Christ and that the church is a place where all are called to proclaim Good News in everything that we do.