In Touch July 16, 2010
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 A Taste of Heaven

 June 27 we were all together under the tent.   We had overflow conditions as many of our young people were standing, and others were seated on the wooden parking barriers that line our lot.  It was an awesome day.  It was the first time I experienced the joy of Odyssey.  There was excitement as prayers and songs, even preaching, was greeted with applause.  Somebody said to me, this must be what heaven feels like.  I agreed.  June 27th ranked as one of the best worship experiences in my 24 years of ordained ministry, and beyond that to one of the greatest worship experiences of my life.  You can view Betsy Dommreis’ pictures of the day at:

 The reason we all got together was for the introduction of our ministry vision for the next three to five years.  We call this our 167 vision: We seek to be a 167 church, putting our faith into practice every hour of every day. Being a follower of Christ is not simply about an hour on Sunday, but a life lived every moment for the glory of God.   As we introduced this vision we talked about the process of transformation that helps people grow into 167 followers of Christ.  The process looks like this:


In the center is the sweet spot of 167 living. When the three areas of discipleship: worshipping, serving and growing are being engaged in fully, then the life we are called to live starts to take shape.

 We would like to hear your reactions and thoughts regarding this vision.  I hope you will take some time to reflect and write me in response to these three questions:

 1)What is your reaction to the 167 vision?

2)What implications does this have for our church?

3)What implications does this have for your life?

 I hope you will use one of your 168 hours this week to give some thought to this, and provide me with feedback by replying via an emailed response.

 Thank you for the taste of heaven.  Taylor