In Touch July 23, 2010
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A Painting Party- Saturday, 8 AM , July 31, August 7, 14, 21, 28

 Every time I drive by the Flatbush Reformed Church in Saugerties I will check out how my corner of the kingdom work is holding up to the wind and weather of Northern Ulster County.  Hopewell helped that struggling church put a face lift on its building.  That small church inspired us to do the same thing.  Starting next Saturday (July 31) you will have a chance to paint our corner of the kingdom on Clove Branch and Beekman Roads.  Instead of spending a ton of money hiring somebody to paint our building, we are putting 167 into practice and asking people to use some of those hours to paint our church.

Kevin Mulligan, a master painter from our church, will be volunteering his time for the next four or five Saturdays to guide the crews in what to do.  Norm Bell is erecting the scaffolding and collecting ladders for the work.  Flatbush Reformed Church in Saugerties will be blessing us with lunch on the first day of work (July 31) as a way to say thanks.  God even sent a guy who has been a roofer and a painter to the church this week.  He needs to get 210 hours of community service in before the end of August.  I said to him, “I think we can help you with that.”  (And this guy even knows Norm Bell.)  All the pieces are coming into place for this to be a great kingdom party at Hopewell.

I hope you will give some of your 167 hours in the weeks that follow to help.  We are hoping that twenty people come out each Saturday. Come with scrapers, sanders, paint brushes, and five gallon buckets to help out on the Saturdays through the end of August.  There will also be work through out the week if you get instructions from Kevin on what needs to be done.  If you don’t like to climb ladders or scaffolding you can bring lunch by on one of the Saturdays, or drop off a case of water for the workers at church.  There will be a need for people to clean up on the ground. Norm also needs some more ladders (28 feet or longer).

You can let me know you want to help by responding to this e-mail and letting me know when you can work, or by filling in the connection card on Sunday.  Whatever you would like to do will be a great help.  Every time you drive by this building on the corner of Beekman and Clove Branch, you can look up at your touch on the kingdom and check out how it is holding up.  Thank you for being a part of this party.

 In Christ,