In Touch September 3, 2010
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Together at Tymor at Ten on the Twelfth. 

 We have reason to celebrate.  That is what we will do together at Tymor at ten on the twelfth.  It will be our fourth church picnic at Tymor and it will be the third celebration of our movement towards one church in multi site with the goal of planting 15 new faith communities in 15 years.

 This past week Mark baptized a guy from Malaysia, the first Christian in his family, who has been coming to Common Ground.  Common Ground also experienced its first wedding  this summer.  A number of our twenty something young adults from Hopewell are making Common Ground their primary worshipping community.

 Journey has lived into a mission far beyond what we could have asked or imagined in the ministry of Odyssey.  Another local church will be launching an Odyssey service with the help of HRC in October.  The 15 by 15 vision continues to spread.

 Worship numbers overall are up by about 6%.  In Gatherings we have seen a 10% increase from the year before.  Foundations has seen a drop in attendance from year to year, but continues to attract many new families as we celebrated 26 children, most close to the age of five, joining with their families in our spring new members group.

 Our income currently is tracking at a five percent increase year to year overall.  This is fantastic in an economy that is so weak and with so many of our own members struggling with job situations.

 People are living into our 167 vision in so many ways.  We are seeing people willing to serve as we paint the church and bless the community through CMP.  Kids Hope started up this year and Beds In the Name of Christ shared a good night sleep with many.

 This year at Tymor I will be beginning my thirteenth year at HRC.  I served Middlebush Reformed  in New Jersey twelve years before coming to Hopewell.  This starts new ground for me.  I am as excited about ministry here as I begin year 13 as I was as I began year one in 1998. Let us get together and celebrate because with our God we know that the best is always yet to come.

 In Christ,