In Touch September 10, 2010
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Trifecta, Together at Tymor at Ten on the Twelfth

“167 Living: It’s not about an hour, it’s about a life”

When I told my ChristCare group this morning that we would have a trifecta of preachers at Tymor on Sunday somebody said: “You better bring your lunch.”  It was pointed out that lunch was already planned.  Steve Dambra, Mark Mast and yours truly will all have a piece of the message on Sunday, but we have agreed to keep it within 15 minutes.  You can time us.  Because the point is not how long we are in a worship service, but how we carry our worship into the world that is the essence of 167.  The three preachers highlight the three key core movements of growth into living into all that God intends for our lives.  Let’s make sure it’s not about an hour, but it is about a life.

These three movements are the true trifecta at Tymor and like the trinity we see all working together for the common good of a life as God intended it, the life you have always wanted.

Worship (Taylor Holbrook):  This is the movement up.  In Timothy, Paul says “To the King of the ages, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen. When we understand that we were created for worship of the only being in the universe that is worthy of our worship, our lives come into focus on who and what we are.  In grace this God has touched us and in grace we are called to touch others.

Discipleship (Steve Dambra):  This is the movement in.  As we look at ourselves does our life appear to others to reflect what God intends?  Again in Timothy, Paul says: But for that very reason I received mercy, so that in me, as the foremost, Jesus Christ might display the utmost patience, making me an example to those who would come to believe in him for eternal life. Paul invites people to witness his life as an example of God’s grace.

Mission (Mark Mast):  This is the movement out.  The life we have always wanted is not focused on self, but focused on service.  Bringing glory to God comes through sharing our lives with others.   Mission is sharing God’s mercy. Paul, again,  “and the grace of our Lord overflowed for me with the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus.”

Up, out and in.  In, out and up.  Out, up and in.  Three movements all happening together reflect the movements that bring us to the sweet spot of faith, which we have called 167 living.  As we preach this Sunday our time will be about an hour, but our hope for everyone who hears is that it will be continued forever.  It’s not about an hour, it is about a life!

In His Grace,